Week #4 Falling For Fall

The trees are changing

The leaves are falling

A cold chill is in the air

The grass is frosty

The day is cloudy

Sweater weather has come to town

Pumpkin spice

Fills the air

Summer is gone

I cannot bear

My breath comes out

As a rush of fog

I can no longer go

On a morning jog

On Thanksgiving day

My stomach is full

When winter comes

A new year begins

Poem #3 Sunset, Sunrise

At the beach

The birds are loud


And the waves crash down


When it gets late

The sun sets low

The sky turns pink

Pink like rosy cheeks

The tide comes so close

As if you could touch it

And the day will wash away

The sun goes down

We wait, and wait

For the sun to rise

And the day to come


Week #10 Blog Audit

I wrote a total of seven posts during this blogging challenge. Three of those posts were school related and four of them were personal interest. I don’t know how many comments I got because they don’t show up with the theme I have. I don’t know which post got the most comments but I’m guessing my post about Cabo San Lucas because I probably got a lot of questions about my trip and what it’s like there. The post I enjoyed writing the most was Week #4 My World because it reminded me of going on that vacation and I liked talking about everything I did there. I changed the header and background on my blog a few times because the season changed so I wanted it to match what the season is. I also changed it because I like changing things up on my blog. I have nineteen widgets, but some of them came with the theme or I had to put on there for school purposes. My favorite widgets are the virtual pets and the flag counter. I like the flag counter because it shows what countries people that visit my blog are coming from. I have ten students on my blogroll that are from overseas. The web tool I used to show creativity on my blog is compfight because I used it to add pictures to my blog to make them more fun.

I had Sierra observe my blog and her first impression was that it´s pretty and there is a lot of detail in my posts. What captured her attention is that my blog is very well put together. What distracted her on my blog is that I have a lot of virtual pets, even though they are at the bottom along with my other widgets. The suggestion Sierra gave me to improve my blog is to make my posts a little longer, but everything is good other than that.

Poem #2 Summer Rain

My hair dances in the wind

My breathe sings in the air

  My words drown in the noise

My eyes swim in the rain

My skin feels the hot sun

My feet run in the sand

My hands reach the sky

My words flow like music

My nose smells the flowers

My mind controls these things

Poem #1 Eyes


You see things with your eyes

Things you want to see

And things you don’t

They guide you through life

Show you where to go

There are many different colors

Blue like the deep sea

Brown like a muddy puddle

Green like fresh cut grass

Black like the night’s sky

Eyes can tell you things

Show you things

You can see joy

In someone’s eyes

Or sadness

Eyes look squinted

Or crinkled

When someone smiles

They look watery

Or dull

When someone is sad

Look into other’s eyes

You’ll learn a lot

About a person

Week #7 Work then Play

Any game played on a board, especially one that involves the movement of pieces on the board, such as chess or checkers, is a board game. The first known board game to be created is Senet. The first game piece ever created was the dice, which is used in many board games today. Board games are prehistoric, so they were created before a written language was even developed. Board games were originally popular among the Egyptian pharaohs and were often are tied in with religion. A board game that has been around since the Roman Empire is Backgammon. Since 2012, board games have grown 40%, which is higher than Google. Some board games have been made into an app to be played on phones. There are a lot of popular board games today and new ones are being created all the time. Some of those games are Monopoly, Sorry, The Game of Life, Checkers, Chess, Clue, and many more.

Board Game Friday Fun! Moore Memorial Public Library via Compfight

Week #9 Back to the Future

I have many plans for the future. I know what job I want, what type of house I want, and what state I want to live in. I know that some of my  current plans will change as I get older, but some will stay the same. I hope that my future is eventful and successful.

In high school I want to work really hard and get good grades. I would like to take some high school classes that earn you college credits so I can get a headstart. In college I want my major to have to do with writing, such as journalism Once I finish college. I don’t want to start out as an author. I love writing so I would like to have a career that involves a lot of writing and interacting with others.

When I first move out of my parents house I will get an apartment with a friend or two. The apartment would need to be near my college so I can live there while going to school. Once I graduate college and start a family, I want to buy a house. I am interested in designing and building my own house so I can have all the qualities of a house that I want. For my first house I want to just buy one that’s already built. I want to get married around age 23 and have kids when I’m 25 or 26. I want to have one boy and one girl, the boy being two years older than the girl. I also want to have one big dog, one small dog, and one cat.

I really hope my future turns out how I want or close to what I want. I want to be successful and have a great life.

Introducing ZoeyCreative Commons License Michael Gil via Compfight

Week #8 Game Time

This week I played the blogging game and visited three different blogs. I clicked on a blog that looked interesting, then clicked on a link from that blog, and on the third link I stayed on that blog.

The first blog I found was Haley´s. I read one of her posts and found out that she enjoys photography. I told her I also like it and asked her what her favorite thing to take pictures of was. It was also interesting because we have the same name.

The next blog I commented on was MacKenzie’s. I checked out her dance competition post. I asked her about her favorite style of dance and gave her a recommendation for another dance post.

The last blog I looked at was Sarah’s. She wrote a book review on The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. I recently heard about the book and want to read it so I decided to check out her take on it. Her review made me want to read the book even more and it was very well written.

smiley-faceCreative Commons License John Earl via Compfight

Week #6 Food Post

A popular food in my country is hot dogs. Hot dogs are one of my favorite foods to eat. Hot dogs were originally made in Germany, but it is a very common food in America. There are many different types of hot dogs, but my favorite are regular ones with condiments. Many fast food restaurants sell them, but I like them from Sonic because they are only 99 cents and they taste really good. I like to have them in the summer because it’s warm outside so we have a family barbeque. My favorite toppings to put on regular hot dogs is ketchup and mustard, but some people like relish and other condiments. I love to get a hot dog when I go to baseball games because they make really good hot dogs. The average american eats about fifty hot dogs a year, but I probably don’t eat that many.

The Oki Dog Hot Dog Doran via Compfight